Filmmaker at heart, Oliver wrote, directed and edited his first short film “The Fraud Monks” when he was 13 years old. A magna cum laude graduate of Philadelphia’s Temple University Film School in 2005, he started his career shooting commercials in the Philadelphia area. 

Oliver's style as an artist and director is quite diverse and his work spans over several genres having collaborated with the world's biggest brands on beauty, hair, fashion, cars, tabletop, visual effects, etc. Aside from having a natural eye for beauty and aesthetic, he is technically well versed and experienced with visual effects, which earned him 2 credits in Hollywood so far as a visual effects supervisor on The Pyramid and E.M.T. However, at the core of it all lays a story teller able to stir emotions and move hearts.

In 2015, Oliver was chosen among a plethora of international directors to direct Porsche’s prestigious 911 50th anniversary edition TV commercial which turned out to be an international success. 

His passion for photography which started as a hobby has earned him several international awards and honorable mentions such as a bronze medal in the prestigious Venice International Photo Contest and 23 awards and counting at the prestigious Portrait Photo Awards competition. In 2016, he was ranked world’s top portrait photographer for the month of April. Oliver has exhibited his work in various art galleries and some of his photos have been sold internationally. He is currently preparing for the international release of his first photography book which has been in the making for 7 years. Oliver mainly shoots fashion, beauty, portraits, and landscape.

In 2008 he founded Cliche VFX, an award winning, high-end post-production house, which became a success in little over a year. In 2015 Cliche VFX joined forces with 20th Century Fox to handle 68 visual effects shots on one of their upcoming horror films: The Pyramid. Oliver worked as a visual effects supervisor on the film as well. Recently Cliche VFX helmed the entire VFX list on Danger One an upcoming action film shot in Los Angeles. Oliver was attached as a VFX sup as well.  

Oliver has been writing and developing a period epic feature that deals with the fall of Constantinople in 1453. The project has been subject to years of research and on-site expeditions. It will be a Hollywood blockbuster in the vein of Alexander, Gladiator, Troy, etc. Moreover, he is currently in early pre-production on The Exorcism, a horror film that deals with demonic possession and exorcism from an untapped angle. It is in the vein of: The Exorcist meets The Rite meets The Sixth Sense.  

As a citizen of the world, Oliver is constantly traveling and directing TV commercials, enjoying life, taking pictures for his book, all while developing his feature films with relentless passion.

Oliver is fluent in English, French, Italian, and Lebanese. He is currently living in Los Angeles. 

His greatest inspiration remains the transcending paintings of the Renaissance and the sunlight, the source of all life.

Some of the brands Oliver has shot for: Porsche, Audi, Mini Cooper, Zain, STC, Almarai, HSBC, Lazurde, Dabur, Holsten, Emirates NBD Bank, Nestle, Doritos, to only name a few.


Doritos Collisions Campaign | Director

  • Gold Effie 2010
  • Silver Lynx 2011


  • Effies 2013 Shortlisted

Bronze Medal VIPC Festival 2006

Photographer of the year 2016 @ with 35 cumulative awards